Estimated numbers of speakers of Uralic languages in 2012

The table below shows the number of speakers of each language. The data is based on Russian censuses (population counts) as well as estimates made by researchers of Uralic languages. Under ‘Uralic languages’ on this website you will also find data on the number of persons belonging ethnically to each Uralic people. However, not everyone who is, for example, an ethnic Udmurt also speaks Udmurt, and the same applies to all other languages, too. 

Saami languagesSouth Saami500Norway, Sweden
Ume Saami5Sweden (Norway)
Pite Saami40Sweden (Norway)
Lule Saami700Sweden, Norway
North Saami20,000Norway, Sweden, Finland
Aanaar (Inari) Saami400Suomi
Kemi SaamiExtinct since the 1800s(Finland)
Skolt Saami300Finland, Russia
Akkala SaamiExtinct since 2003Russia
Kildin Saami350Russia
Ter Saami20Russia
Finnic languagesLivonianExtinct since 2013(Latvia)
Seto and Võro South Estonian50,000Estonia, Russia
Estonian1,000,000Estonia and elsewhere
Finnish5,300,000Finland and elsewhere
Karelian30,000Russia, Finland
Ludic (Ludian)300Russia
MariWestern (Hill) Mari20,000Russia
Eastern (Meadow) Mari360,000Russia
Permic languagesUdmurt350,000Russia
Ugric languagesHungarian14,000,000Hungary and elsewhere
North Mansi1,000Russia [Siberia]
East Mansi5Russia [Siberia]
West MansiExtinct since the 1900sRussia [Siberia]
South MansiExtinct since the 1900sRussia [Siberia]
North Khanty7,500Russia [Siberia]
East Khanty500Russia [Siberia]
South KhantyExtinct since the 1900sRussia [Siberia]
Samoyedic languagesNganasan150Russia [Siberia]
Tundra Enets20Russia [Siberia]
Forest Enets30Russia [Siberia]
YuratsExtinct since the 1800sRussia [Siberia]
Tundra Nenets25,000Russia [Siberia]
Forest Nenets700Russia [Siberia]
Selkup1,000Russia [Siberia]
KamasExtinct since 1989Russia [Siberia]
MatorExtinct since the 1800sRussia [Siberia]

University of Helsinki: Research Seminar in Finno-Ugric Language Studies

Updated 4 October 2012 / 9 July 2018