History and present day

The Khanty and the Mansi belong to the indigenous peoples of Siberia, but over their history the region has seen many foreign conquerors:

In the 1200s–1300s, the Novgorodians and Komis came to the area to source animal furs.

In the 1400s–1500s, the region was ruled by the Khanate of Sibir, that is, Siberian Tatars. Next, the region was taken over by Moscow, and in 1708 it became part of the Siberia Governorate founded by Peter the Great.

Most of Russia’s oil reserves are located in the Yugra region. This is why a lot of Russians have moved to the region in recent decades. The local indigenous peoples have not benefitted from the oil reserves or the wealth generated from them. Oil production has polluted the natural environment and therefore had adverse effects on the traditional lifestyle of the indigenous peoples and caused poverty.